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A Life in the Balance: Examining the Troy Davis Case

by Amnesty International USA

including Anne Emanuel and Russell Covey

Four-part video series that examines the specifics in the Troy Davis case including:

  • Problems with the investigation of the crime
  • How the evidence against Davis has unraveled
  • Why the legal system makes it extraordinarily difficult to prove innocence
  • What is clemency why it is appropriate in Davis' case

Troy Davis is at risk of execution as early as September 2011, even though grave doubts about his guilt remain. Part One "The Investigation" gives a thorough explanation of the case as well as the many problems with how the crime was investigated.

With all legal appeals exhausted, Davis' fate will be in the hands of Georgia's Board of Pardons and Paroles. Once his execution date is scheduled, they will be presented with the option of permanently preventing his execution.